THANK YOU ! Thanks to you, BLY has helped more than 120 women experiencing menstrual poverty!

Who are we?

Julie - Reunion Island

For Julie, porcelain is a noble, fine and precious material that comes to flatter femininity. In her workshop in the Holy Land, in the south of Reunion Island, this designer is inspired by her direct environment, the intense island, but also by eras or design that she appreciates such as the 1930s. Creating according to her inspiration, she always uses bright and elegant colors which give that unique touch to her jewelry.


Jasmine - China

Qiuping Sun, aka Jasmine, runs her jewelry store in a modern district of Beijing. For more than 15 years, she has been offering her Chinese and international customers jewelry, sometimes traditional and sometimes modern, but always borrowed from Chinese culture. One of its specialties: using old coins or porcelain jars to transform them into unique jewelry. Far from the cliché of Chinese jewelry, Jasmine brings a touch of modernity to her creations and those of the artisans with whom she works throughout China. 



** Given the situation in Afghanistan, we can no longer give precise information on our Afghan designers or the association which helped them. BLY decided to keep their designs online to show that no matter how barbaric and cruel the art remains. Perseverance remains. The women are holding on. For ever.**

These two young women were trained in the art of jewelry thanks to an association whose mission is to train young people, often refugees, in crafts. They have chosen jewelry and are inspired by books on oriental art to create and make their jewelry. Their long-term goals: to create their own jewelry creation workshop. 

A designer who deserves to be known?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you think of a designer who corresponds to our values: elegance, taste for the world, quality and solidarity!