THANK YOU ! Thanks to you, BLY has helped more than 120 women experiencing menstrual poverty!

BLY supports women!


Handmade jewelry by women for women...but not only! The BLY spirit is also to help those who need it most. BLY now has a partnership with the association Rules Elementary.
It is difficult to find a particular cause as the inequalities we face are numerous. So we decided to tackle a phenomenon that affects us all: periods. If for most of us it is just a bad time of the month, for others, getting sanitary protection is too expensive or taboo. 
-Who are we helping? About 2 million women are in menstrual precariousness in France.
-What is the impact of the donations collected by BLY? The donations we donate to elementary rules will allow the purchase of more hygienic products then redistributed to those who need them. They will also make it possible to develop training workshops to raise awareness of the rules and try to break the taboo around this perfectly natural phenomenon.
- Want to do more? During your purchases you can add a "tip" and tell us if you want it to be donated to Elementary Rules. For direct donations, go to their website: